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We walk a mile in your customer's shoes. Then we try on the rest of their clothes.

We blend in so you can stand out.

Deviate from the expected. 

Marketing trends change constantly (and almost never in front of an open window). To stay one step ahead, you need an agency that knows your customers. Intimately.

At Peeping Tom, full-frontal advertising is our modus operandi. We’ll stop at nothing to help you connect with your clients. We’re a full-service creative firm with a pathological eye for detail. It doesn’t matter whether it’s print, web or a distorted phone call — our obsession with overachieving means that we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure your business has a captive audience every time.

Take a moment to linger over our portfolio. We’ll reach out when you’re ready to talk.


Passive Discovery™

No time to explain your business to a bunch of marketers? Our passive data collection techniques effortlessly expose everything we need to know about our clients. Carry on business as usual. We’ll get the information we need without making a peep. 

Brand Fantasy™

Our brainstorming process is achingly exhaustive. We’ll take our time fantasizing different possibilities for your brand, imagining it in every possible scenario until we find the ideal solution for you.


Psychographic research and sophisticated behavioral targeting techniques are our secret weapon to getting inside your customers’ heads. College-educated male, 35-49? Not good enough for us. We’ll find out what his hair smells like.

Online Marketing Ambush™

Maintaining a round-the-clock web presence is a vital part of any business. Don’t let potential sales slip from your grasp. Pin down promising leads with in-your-face copy, eyebrow-raising design and a user experience that completely violates expectations.

"Non-Standard" Advertising

Overcome banner blindness with our innovative advertising formats. Lipstick on the bathroom mirror, custom messages keyed into car doors, and more. Our unconventional advertising tactics are sure to command attention.

Reputation Repair

Even a handful of unsavory reviews can ruin the trustworthy brand character you’ve worked so hard to establish. Stop worrying about keeping your skeletons in the closet. Let us bury them for you once and for all.


Tom Oglemore

Tom Oglemore


Randy Matterhorn

Randy Matterhorn

Back-end Developer

Todd Devereux

Todd Devereux

Highly Graphic Designer

Wendy Selfridge

Wendy Selfridge

VP of Client Contact

Brutus Cabbage

Brutus Cabbage

Reputation Consultant

Chaz Dingle

Chaz Dingle

Head Copywriter



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Pssst. Hey buddy. In case you were wondering, this isn’t a real agency.

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